Paper Title: Analysis of The Virtual Reality Technology

Author(s) - Bo Jin, Hongyi Li, Enze Liu, Wenbiao Jin*

 DOI: - 10.23958/isroj/vol03-i03/02


Virtual Reality is a popular technology, It can simulate a three-dimensional virtual world. Give the user a sense of sight, hearing, and touch. Virtual reality technology is including computer simulation technology, graphics technology, sensor technology, display technology, artificial intelligence, network parallel processing technology such as the latest research results of integrated simulation system. At present, VR is widely used in mechanics, medicine, communication, education, military, aerospace and industrial production. In this paper, we have studied and analyzed the patents related to "virtual reality technology” about the past two decades. In addition to the traditional measurement methods, this paper introduced the SPSS visualization tools, intuitive clearly show literature ‘s Chronological distribution, [1] based on the abstract and key words in the high frequency keywords clustering and multidimensional scaling analysis, intuitive demonstration research hot spot content, after analyzing the has the development potential in the development process of the key technology of virtual reality and emerging applications. In this article we can help relevant scholars and experts to realize our country, the study of virtual reality technology and the changes of the research focus and development trend, as the research and study of virtual reality of individuals and institutions to provide knowledge navigation, and the research of virtual reality in our country.

Keywords: virtual reality technology, patent analysis, trend analysis.