Paper Title: Alexithymia- A psychosomatic illness

Author(s) - Nida Tabassum Khan

 DOI: - 10.23958/isroj/vol03-i01/01


Alexithymia caught the consideration of numerous therapists and analysts all through the world. Specifically, during the previous 10 to 15 years, a significant assemblage of hypothesis and research has developed on the point. While around 120 articles were published on alexithymia by the mid-1980s, a current hunt of the Psycinfo database uncovered well more than 700 diary articles on alexithymia. Numerous researches have demonstrated that alexithymia is interrelated with a variety of symptomatic complaints including depression and anxiety, somatic complaints, hypertension, inflammatory bowel disease, somatoform disorders, panic disorder and eating disorders.

Keywords: - Anorexia nervosa; Bulimia nervosa; Non-verbal articulation; Autonomic sensory system.