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Volume 02 Issue 01

Paper Title: Designing an Improved 64 Bit Arithmetic and Logical Unit for Digital Signaling Processing Purposes

Author(s) - Shubhankar Thapliyal1, Kartik Sehgal2, Utkarsh Sundaram3, Akshay Sharma4, *B Khaleelu Rehman5

Paper Title: The Design of automobile collision avoidance system based on the integrated application of ultrasonic and single chip microcomputer embedded system development

Author(s) - Zhang Meng, Zhang Chunyan*, Xu Jiali, Zhu Yiqin

Paper Title: Cost-Minimizing in Transportation via Road Networks Problem

Author(s) - *Rami A. Maher, MIEEE, MCSS, Abdulla Fouad Alrouby

Paper Title: Wave–Particle Duality as a Classic Phenomenon

Author(s) - José Garrigues Baixauli*

Paper Title: Processing of Images Based on The Interframe Redundancy Elimination in Networks

Author(s) - Dr. Beknazarova Saida, Mag. Ubaydullayev Husanboy Ilhomjon o’gli

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