Paper Title: Proactive and reactive routing protocol based on a modified dijkstra’s algorithm

Author(s) - Aarthi M, Nageshwari D, Ganeshkumar


Mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs) are highly vulnerable to both link and node failure due to nodal mobility. The routing flexibility against link and/or node failure needs to be enhanced to avoid the degradation of network performance. This is achieved by multipath routing which uses multiple alternative paths. An optimized link state routing protocol is proactive routing protocol. An advanced OLSR (AOLSR) protocol is proposed based on a modified Dijkstra's algorithm which enables routing in multiple paths of dense and sparse network topologies. The routing is based on the energy of nodes and links and the mobility of the nodes. It is a hybrid ad hoc routing protocol because it combines the proactive and reactive features. It is another form of source routing protocol which allows a sender of a data packet to partially or completely reveal the route the packets take through the network. Two cost functions are introduced to build link-disjoint or node-disjoint paths. Secondary functions, namely path recovery and loop discovery process are involved to manage the topology changes of the network.