Paper Title: Precedence Based Mechanism to Stimulate Medical Emergency Situation in Wireless Body Area Network

Author(s) - Thanga Mariappan L, Naga Lakshmi.S, Usha.M


In critical medical emergency situations, wireless body area network (WBAN) equipped health monitoring systems treat data packets with critical information regarding patients’ health in the same way as data packets bearing regular healthcare information. This snag results in a higher average waiting time for the local data processing units (LDPUs) transmitting data packets of higher importance. In this paper, we formulate an algorithm for Priority-based Allocation of Time Slots (PATS) that considers a fitness parameter characterizing the criticality of health data that a packet carries, energy consumption rate for a transmitting LDPU, and other crucial LDPU properties. Based on this fitness parameter, we design the constant model hawk–dove game that ensures prioritizing the LDPUs based on crucial properties. In comparison with the existing works on priority-based wireless transmission, we measure and take into consideration the urgency, seriousness, and criticality associated with an LDPU and, thus, allocates transmission time slots proportionately. We show that the number of transmitting LDPUs in medical emergency situations can be reduced by 25.97%, in comparison with the existing time division-based techniques.

KEYWORDS: - Hawk–dove game, priority-based allocation of time slots, wireless body area network(WBAN).