Paper Title: Location Aware System in Mobile Environment

Author(s) - Priya G, Bavithra, Kirubha,


Location-based services have been mostly used in many systems. Preceding systems uses a pull model or user-initiated model [8], where a user arrival a query to a server which gives response with location-aware answers. To offer out comes to users with fast responses, a push model or server-initiated model is flattering an important computing model in the next-generation location-based services. In the push model, subscribers arrive spatio-textual subscriptions to fastening their curiosities, and publishers send spatio-textual messages. It is used for a high- performance location-aware publish/subscribe system to send publishers‟ messages to valid subscribers. In this paper, we find the exploration happenstances that start in manipulative a location- aware publish/subscribe system. We recommend an R-tree based index by merging textual descriptions into R-tree nodes. We design efficient filtering algorithms and effective pruning techniques to accomplish high performance. This method can support likewise conjunctive queries and ranking queries.

KEYWORDS: - LBS, Spatial-Context, MBR Filter, Token Filter, Ranking Query, R t-Tree.