Paper Title: Energy Efficient and Secure Session-Key Establishment Scheme in Smart Home Environments

Author(s) - Kokilavani.K1, Sathya.D2, Vengadeshwari.B3, Ganeshkumar .S4,


The proliferations of current wireless communications and information technologies have been altering human’s lifestyle and social interactions—the next frontier is the smart home environments or spaces. A smart home consists of low capacity devices (e.g., sensors) and wireless networks, and therefore, all working together as a secure system that needs an adequate level of security. This paper introduces lightweight and secure session key establishment scheme for smart home environments. To establish trust among the network, every sensor and control unit uses a short authentication token and establishes secure session key. The proposed scheme provides important security attributes including prevention of various popular attacks, such as denial-of-service and eavesdropping attacks. The preliminary evaluation and feasibility tests are demonstrated by the proof-of-concept implementation. In addition, the proposed scheme attains both computation efficiency and communication efficiency as compared with other schemes from the literature.

KEYWORDS: - Authentication, access control, security, smart homes, wireless sensor networks.